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Following Through

When clients ask me what the key to a successful web presence is, I always tell them that good, up-to-date content is essential. Sure, there are million other considerations that go into making a good website

Facebook, The ACLU and Employers

Do employers have the right to ask you for your social media log-ins prior to hiring you? According to the ACLU, no they don’t.  I agree with the ACLU. I understand the argument – employers have the right to know about

New Year, New Look

As I sat down to start my 2012 business year, it occurred to me that February would mark the start of my third year in business for myself.

Visit Savannah’s Viral Debacle (Updated)

Update 5:18 pm:  Visit Savannah has published new rules for their video contest  which can be found here.  While I am still not in love with a perpetual non-exclusive license just for entering, the rules are more fair to the

Xoom as a full time machine

When the Motorola Xoom was first announced, I knew I wanted one. It took every ounce of restraint within me not to plunk down the $800 on release day and buy one. But at the time of release, there were

Facebook profile to page conversion

via Mashable There is great news today for companies who have their Facebook presence set up as a profile instead of a page.  Facebook is now offering a conversion tool that allows such users to switch the profile to a

The Social Media time suck

Recently I have had clients and potential clients tell me that they weren’t interested in doing social media marketing because it is a time suck. Now, as a business, having time to devote to your social media profile is an

Hey! That’s mine!

A couple weeks ago, a quick hit blog piece I wrote included a note about what constitutes content sharing and what is stealing.  At the time I was referring to a few situations I had encountered where some small-time blog

Kenneth Cole Gets the BP Treatment

The Social Media universe has a strong sense of justice. Just ask BP.  This past summer, in the aftermath of the Gulf oil spill, the @BPGlobalPR Twitter feed popped up. This scathing Twitter feed initially started as a parody of

A few observations for today

– No matter how hard I try to keep New Year’s resolutions, I wind up breaking them before the end of January.  This year’s was for a minimum of 1  weekly blog posts for my site…  broken by the second