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Facebook profile to page conversion | Seth Michalak and SM Consulting

Facebook profile to page conversion

via Mashable

There is great news today for companies who have their Facebook presence set up as a profile instead of a page.  Facebook is now offering a conversion tool that allows such users to switch the profile to a more appropriate page without losing the “friends” they have amassed.  Unclear about what this all means?  Let me break it down:

On Facebook, there are essentially two types of accounts – “profiles,” which are designed for individual users, where other users are your friends, and “pages” which are desgned for businesses, brands and public figures where other users can “like” you.  Both types of accounts haven’t always existed, so there are many businesses on Facebook that have profiles instead of pages.

There are a couple of drawbacks for business having profiles.  The biggest is that profiles are limited to 5,000 friends, so if you do Facebook well and grow a large follower base, you can cap out and not be able to interact with everyone who wants to follow you.  The second is that there have been stories about Facebook shutting down business profiles for improper use, because they should have pages.

But, even with these drawbacks, many business have been reticent to convert to a page because there was no sure way to continue the relationship with your “friends” on your new page.  The new profile-to-page conversion tool solves this by converting all of your profiles friends to people who “like” your new page. THis allows companies to make the conversion, keep their friends, and eliminate the danger of being shut down.

Now, it’s not without drawbacks.  The tool does only move your friends and your profile pictures to your new page.  So, other activity will be lost.  But, you can make a backup of your friend profile first, and then import things like pictures into the new page. While the conversion is still not perfect, the tool offered is a big step that allows companies to bring their pages into compliance with Facebook terms of service, and not sacrifice any followers.

If you have a profile and need some help converting it to a page, drop me a line.  I’d be happy to help.