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Following Through | Seth Michalak and SM Consulting

Following Through

When clients ask me what the key to a successful web presence is, I always tell them that good, up-to-date content is essential.  Sure, there are a million other considerations that go into making a good website, but without that content foundation, nothing else really matters. So the easiest way to keep site content updated is through blogging. New blog posts give visitors incentive to return to your site, and the content creator is only limited by their ability to organize their thoughts.  So then why do so many people who know they should be blogging (myself included) not follow through?

I know that I always tell myself that I’m just too busy with other stuff to sit down and write a blog post. But it’s not true. What is true is that I haven’t made writing my blog and marketing my business through this channel a priority. It’s easy to convince yourself  you are too busy when you have other things to fill your time.  But we make time to answer emails, return phone calls and do the other things that are essential to our success, so we can do the same with blog posts.

I know sometimes my hesitation comes from a lack of confidence in the content I have created too. But here’s the thing: not every post needs to be full of world-changing insight.  Opinions, observations and experiences can be valuable and valid for your audience. Plus, the process of writing blog posts will help you to resharpen your skills as a writer, allowing your content to improve over time.

So what’s the answer? Write.  At least a couple times a month write that blog post.  Talk about your week, or your project, or the trip you just took. Then proof it three times.  Sleep on it if you must, then publish it. Put yourself and your business out there. Start a conversation. You and your business will be better for it.

Pretty rich coming from the guy who has written three blog posts in the past year, right? Well, in the same way dieters use the public-humiliation diet to keep them losing weight, this is my public-humiliation blog post.  If you pass by my site and see I haven’t written in a while, call me out.  Use the comment section, or Twitter, or even my Facebook page and tell everyone that I am being derelict in my blogging duties.  A minimum of weekly posts coming, going forward.