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New Year, New Look | Seth Michalak and SM Consulting

New Year, New Look

As I sat down to start my 2012 business year, it occurred to me that February would mark the start of my third year in business for myself.  A pleasant revelation to say the least, realizing that I have been able to not only sustain myself on my own, but, in fact, grow my business.  In order to facilitate that growth, I have had to expand my skill-set and the services I offer.

Over the holidays, I was looking over my website and realized that it wasn’t doing a great job of representing what I do anymore.  My client list was out of date, some important services were missing from the services page and the design no longer represented my abilities for creating WordPress websites. My original site was literally the first full site I had ever built in WordPress. As a  first effort, it wasn’t awful, but with WordPress websites now representing a decent percentage of my business, it was time to spruce things up.

I won’t you with the details of the redesign process, but it was an eye-opening process in terms of things I need to do better to continue my growth.  I took the time to better communicate what it is I do, as well as highlight some of my achievements over the past two years.  I feel like the site is now a representative showcase of my abilities.

The one thing that really jumped out at me though was the number of abandoned draft blog posts were sitting in the back-end of my site.  As someone who claims to be able to help business communicate with their followers, I really need to have  more follow through in doing so with mine.  I know, I know my resolution last year was to blog more.  And it was a resolution that I tried to keep but ultimately did not.

This  years resolution is to pay a little better attention to marketing my business. New clients are what will help me continue to grow.  An up-to-date site with recent blog posts is important to that growth. I think the redesign is a good start.