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The Social Media time suck | Seth Michalak and SM Consulting

The Social Media time suck

Recently I have had clients and potential clients tell me that they weren’t interested in doing social media marketing because it is a time suck. Now, as a business, having time to devote to your social media profile is an important consideration before jumping in. But, these folks weren’t discussing social media as a time suck from a business point of view. Instead they were talking about personal experience, and their own propensity to get get sucked deeper and deeper into the many layers of the social web.

When you think about it though, that’s the reason why business start doing social media in the first place, isn’t it? The point of social media is to engage your target audience where they already are. Hell, any advertising or marketing channel needs eyeballs in front of it in order to be effective. The thing that makes social media different is the fact that with one simple mouse click, your targets can share your message with hundreds of other potential customers. But they can do so only if you are there and are communicating correctly.

When you consider that social media sites now account for 22% of Americans’ time online, calling them a time suck might very well be true. But, when you use that as the justification for not engaging in social media marketing, that’s a bit like saying you won’t go to Hawaii because the weather is so nice. ┬áSure, the reasoning you give might be factually accurate, but the logic used to arrive there seems a little off.